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If only life was that easy...
If only we could pick and choose under what circumstances we could survive and get paid for it. If you're wondering what kind of person watches the TV show about a group of people who volunteer to live on a tropical island for forty days. I'm one of those people.  I'm an avid viewer.

I know that I could never do the island thing. No matter how much money was offered to me. And for many, being stranded on a tropical island would be a piece of cake.

But what if those island castaways had to endure excruciating physical pain and suffering and the mental anguish of real life and death decisions. Would they be able to survive? Would you be able to survive? Read and experience their lives through their stories.

Medical Marvels...

Medical Marvels...Cancer Survivors
Would you give one of your healthy kidneys to a stranger? Or, undergo a painful operation to give bone marrow? Have you been miraculously cured or healed. Are you a cancer survivor? Share your stories on how you were able to survive. 

Cancer Survivors On Line

Read the stories of 4 members of an American  family with a cancer cluster.

Cancer Survivors

Survivor stories from Irving Cancer Center, in Texas.

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Against all odds...
I use to complain about my shoes, until I saw a man with no feet. I've sure you've heard that old adage before. I can remember my mom reciting that phrase to me whenever I started complaining about anything.

It served as a gentle reminder that there are individuals who can excel beyond belief and against all odds. Read the stories of how they manage to live their lives with their physical challenges. 

Against all odds...Burn Survivors
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Burn Survivors Online, The ultimate resource for information on burns

An informational and educational site covering Burns and burn recovery for survivors and family's.

Kemii's Page

The story of a burn and domestic abuse survivor.

My Long Hard Battle 

Burned in a car accident, Laura chronicles her recovery and return to high school.

The Phoenix Man

Read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's account of the recovery process of a man whose burns covered 70% of his body.


Burn survivor's sardonic take on healing and pain. Read out his personal story.

Ricky's Page

Mother whose son survived extensive burns describes the accident that caused his injuries and its aftermath.

Burn Survivors on AOL

America Online members can tune in Sundays at 5:00 P.M. Pacific time to get support and answers from other survivors.

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Against all odds...Suicide Survivors
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Coming Out of the Dark

Trace a personal journey from the depths of depression and a suicide attempt through the process of recovery.

Songs of the Phoenix

From a failed suicide attempt, this survivor has taken the road to recovery through poetry. Read his poems and commentaries.

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Against all odds...Domestic Violence Survivors
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Survivors Corner

A country girl growing up in rural America. Her  story with common disorders, medications and tips on seeking help. 

Bereaved Survivors of Homicide

Bereaved Survivors of Homicide, Inc. of Central Florida


Survivors of the February 5, 1999 high-rise fire at the Charles Towers apartments

Against all odds...General Survivors
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Landmine Survivors Network

The Landmine Survivors Network is a non-profit organization created by landmine survivors to help the hundreds of thousands of civilian landmine victims, and to prevent new ones from ever joining their ranks. 

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War, atrocities and disasters...
Wars, atrocities, and disasters—it’s inevitable. Yet, for many of us, our only exposure will be TV and newspaper reports. For a couple of seconds, we're temporarily moved by the events.

Some of you are so desensitized from the frequent reporting that it seems to leave you disinterested and untouched. Well, its time to get personally. Read about the horrors that have ravaged people's lives. 

War, atrocities and disasters... Wars
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Prisoners of War, Korean War - Tiger Survivors

Prisoners of War, Korean War for nearly 38 months called Tiger Survivors. Read their stories.

Pearl Harbour Survivors 

Veterans tell their stories.

USS Samuel B. Roberts Survivors Association

List of survivors aboard the The USS Samuel B. Roberts DE 413.

U.S. Navy TACAMO Survivors Veterans Association, Inc.

Keep in touch with Navy TACAMO survivors.

USS Indianapolis Organization Home Page

USS Indianapolis sunk in WWII and was forgotten for 5 days, 317 men survived, this is their story. 

Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel 

Read the stories of individuals who have survived abuse or mistreatment at the hands of military personnel.

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War, atrocities and disasters... Holocaust Survivors
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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation 

Established by Steven Spielberg, the Foundation is an archive filled with more than 100,000 hours of testimony. 

Alicia Appleman-Jurman

Depicts the heroic actions of the young girl during the Russian and German occupations of Poland.

Audio Clips of Survivors

Listen to several survivors tell their stories of the holocaust.

DP Camps - Simon Wiesenthal Center

Describes the detention centers created for holocaust survivors who were not claimed by families.

Ernest and Elisabeth Cassutto Memorial

Tribute to survivors includes photos and accounts of the trials they endured. Find details on Ernest's book "The Last Jew of Rotterdam."

Evelyn Pike-Rubin

Features an autobiographical account of the survivor's immigration to Shanghai during the war.

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Offers videotaped testimonies from survivors of the holocaust.

Holocaust Literature - Survivor Testimony

Offers a series of biographical profiles, and brief examples of the writings of renowned holocaust survivors.

Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories

Features audio clips of holocaust survivors, and describes the University of Michigan project and archives.

Holocaust Survivor Stories and Photos

Offers stories of non Jews who were put into concentration camps, and describes the treatment of Poles during the war.

Holocaust Survivors

Learn about the holocaust from people who lived through it. Read their interviews and personal survivor stories.

Impact of The Holocaust

Offers accounts of the liberation of the camps, and the psychological impact on the survivors.

Judith Jagermann

Details the survivor's account of Birkenau and her eventual move to Israel.

Liberators' Testimonies

Offers the testimonies of the men who liberated the camps. Provides details of the Gunskirchen, Ohrdruf, and Dachau liberations.

Louisiana Holocaust Survivors

The Southern Institute offers five interviews with Jews who survived the holocaust and moved to Louisiana.

Memories of a Holocaust Survivor - Lucille Eichengreen

Follow the life of a holocaust survivor, from her early childhood in Hamburg, to her current life in Berkeley, California.

Psychosocial Support for Holocaust Survivors

Details a conference on the psychosocial needs of holocaust survivors and their children. Offers personal narratives and therapeutic techniques.

Raoul Wallenberg Project Interviews

Provides a project overview, and interview transcripts with over fifty holocaust survivors.

Tragic Legacy - Eyewitness Accounts

Read four accounts of life at Auschwitz. Read the details of the daily struggle for survival at the camp.


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Against all odds...Titantic Survivors
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Ruth Becker

Read this Titanic survivor's personal account of her journey on the "ship of dreams."

Arrival of the Survivors, The

Discusses what happened the night the Carpathia arrived in New York City with 705 survivors.

Titanic Eyewitness Account

A moving and illuminating account of the sinking of the Titanic from Dr Washington Dodge and his wife who were among the survivors of the voyage.

Encyclopedia Titanica

Features extensive passenger and crew information with lists of survivors and those who perished.

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Wrongfully accused...
I can't even imagine spending 20 or 30 years in jail for a crime that I didn't commit just because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Read stories of individuals who have had the misfortune of suffering a fate that most of us will never be able to fully comprehend. 

Olympic Park Bombing 
CNN offers a profile of the wrongfully accused Richard Jewell, a profile of the victim of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games

Justice Denied The Magazine For The Wrongly Convicted
Justice Denied The Magazine For The Wrongly Convicted is a magazine published monthly dedicated to bringing you the stories of innocents who have been wrongly convicted in America..

Ironminds: Wrongfully Accused?

Updates about our latest stories

Citizens Coalition for the Wrongfully Accused

Find information on wrongfully accused individuals or cases from around the world.

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Overcoming addictions...
Drugs, alcohol, gambling, and smoking have plagued every society and generation. These vices rob us of our hard earned money, put our children at risk, slaps an individual’s potential, ruins relationships and wreak havoc in our lives.

Yet, we spend billions of dollars doing the things we know causes harm. Meet some individuals who were in the clutches of self-destruction and despair but were able to overcome their addictions. 

Updated 07/30/2004


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