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On a clear day...
Have you ever looked up the word “air” or “oxygen” in the dictionary? When you do, you may find as many as 28 definitions or more. Surprisingly, of the dictionaries I consulted, none defined air or oxygen as the difference between life and death.

Fortunately for some organisms, like anaerobes, they can live without oxygen or air. We, on the other hand, start life with a slap on the back to begin breathing. 

Without air or oxygen, we cease to exist. If this is true, then why is it that most of us will never take any personal action to protect our air supply?

I asked my boyfriend Shelly  about this. He said that until we start choking to death (literally), then and only then will we take this matter seriously realizing that our abundant supply of air is being heavily polluted.

Air pollution not only comes from naturally occurring sources such as windblown dust, volcanic eruptions, but from factories, power plants, dry cleaners, restaurants, cars, buses, planes, trucks, and trains. 

The federal clean air act outlines the foundation and offers implementation strategies to state, tribal and local agencies for cleaning up the air.

However, without your involvement and commitment, we are certain to be defeated in our battle to clean the air. 

This section is dedicated to individuals and organizations that are dedicated to protecting the air we breathe. Join us by recognizing these  Gladiators fighting to preserve our planet resources. 

If you know someone or group that works relentless to clean the air, send your stories to share with others. 

Buddy, can you spare a clean glass of water...
I know its hard to believe, but we really need to preserve the quality of water. I know you think this is hype, especially since water covers about two thirds of the Earth's surface. Believe it--we are in serious danger of polluting our water supply. Why? Like air, we take water for granted and take no direct personal measures to protect it. To protect the water supply, the federal government adopted the federal clean water act and the safe drinking water act.

In addition, we're having problems with keeping the the water supply free from contamination from disease-causing viruses and bacteria like Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium.

So take your hats off to agencies, organizations and individuals who are working diligently to deliver safe, healthy drinking water to communities throughout the country. 

Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden...
As those of you that have read the Bible know, the Book of Genesis goes into great depth explaining the extensive care taken for saving animals. 

If it was important during Noah's time, doesn't it stand to reason that we really need to take care of our natural and precious resources? Read the Endangered Species Act.

Read stories about those individuals and organizations who are working in unison to protect our wildlife. 

The Recycle bin...
Reduce, recycle, reuse. It really isn't that hard to modify your behavior. Just think before you buy and throw away. Use durable towels, tablecloths, cloth napkins, dishes, cups, and glasses. 

Recycle your cans, bottles, and motor oil. Repair by refurbishing. Recycle by giving it away. You know that old adage--your trash is definitely another person's treasure--that's why garage sales are so popular. 

And if you're not into garage sales, donate your old stuff to non-profit organizations which I'm sure you're doing already, but do more of it. 

I even need help in changing my behavior--instead of trashing it, I need to make the call. Donate unwanted supplies to local schools or nonprofit organizations. 

Updated 01/02/2006


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