Los Angeles Harbor Community College

Candidates for California Insurance Commissioner

Panel Discussion/ Forum
The 8th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake

Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 10:00am
Los Angeles Harbor College
The Seahawk Center



     Wes Bannister             Bill Winslow          Dale F. Ogden       Stephan Stitch


Wes Bannister                                     Republican Party

Stephan “Watchdog” Stitch                Republican Party

Bill Winslow                                        Democratic Party

Dale F. Ogden                                     Libertarian Party

The following candidates were unable to attend:

Gary Mendoza                                     Republican Party

Thomas M. Calderon                           Democratic Party

John Garamendi                                  Democratic Party

Tom Umberg                                        Democratic Party

David I. Sheidlower                             Green Party

Raul Calderon                                     Natural Law Party

Steven Klein                                        American Independent Party

Panel discussion/forum

Forum Report

California Insurance Commissioner Candidates on a Roll

We shook, rocked, and rolled on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at Los Angeles Harbor College while listening to Insurance Commissioner Candidates try to convince us that they could handle disasters such as the Northridge Earthquake.

Political Science students, faculty, staff, and community members stood in doorways while listening to four candidates that hope to win their parties nomination for Insurance Commissioner.

Shaking up the crowd were Republicans, Wes Bannister and Stephan “Watchdog” Stitch, Democrat, Bill Winslow and Libertarian, Dale F. Ogden. They squeezed in at least five reasons we should vote for them.

Their reasons sent tremors throughout the audience. We felt how they might approach solving California’s Insurance crisis.

Republican, Wes Bannister said people should vote for him because he has vast experience in the Insurance industry and has undergone years of public scrutiny while serving on the Board of The Metropolitan Water District, as a former city councilman and Mayor in Hunting Beach.

Republican, Stephan “Watchdog” Stitch stressed that he would follow the law and the California state codes. He said, “you can trust the codes and the law, but politicians may fail you.”

Democratic candidate Bill Winslow, expressed his concern for Californian’s that pay higher rates because of redlining and he would put an end to this “injustice.”

 Libertarian, Dale F. Ogden, an Actuary promised to first “Do no harm.” He demonstrated his ability to “Do no harm” as he personally managed and directed the rehabilitations and liquidations of several insurance companies without any cost to policyholders or taxpayers.

Prepared by

Paula Kaylyn
Political Science Student
Los Angeles Harbor College

Five good reasons to vote for
Wes Bannister

1.  Don’t you want someone with insurance experience in the office of Insurance Commissioner?

Our Country, as well as our State, is facing a serious crisis involving insurance in the next four years.  Before the September 11th disaster in New York, we were already reeling from the insolvencies of a number of workers' compensation carriers and a shortage of available "product."  Now, with the tragic loss in New York, the financial health of insurance carriers will be come a major concern with everyone.  That will severely impact our citizens with higher costs and a lack of availability in the "market."

It is imperative that someone with a strong working knowledge of insurance be selected as our next insurance commissioner.  Someone with the ability to anticipate the "health" of insurance companies before they begin failing in claims settlements and policy terminations.  We need someone who understands the needs of the consumers (insurance buyers) and who can maintain a viable insurance market in the State.

Wes Bannister has spent the better part of 40 years watching insurance carriers.  He has in that period of time served as a vice president of a major insurance company and since 1974 as the owner of a successful insurance brokerage.  In both capacities, his job included the analysis of insurance companies from the financial as well as service standpoints for his clients.

2. Don’t we want someone who has managed an insurance operation, particularly a State program, successfully?   Equally important, don’t we want a person who had been involved in the management of a successful program in one of the most difficult areas of insurance in the State?

In 1987, Wes Bannister was appointed by the Governor of California to serve on the 10 member Governing Committee of the California FAIR Plan.  He has been reappointed by every Governor since that time. The "FAIR Plan" provides insurance for areas in the State of California where insurance companies are reluctant or non-existent, such as, intercity areas and brush zones.  Under the guidance of the Governing Committee, the "FAIR Plan" has remained solvent and available through the Oakland fires, earthquakes, the LA riots, and other massive brush and forest fires.  It has not been forced to "attack" the State's General Fund in any of the years in which Wes has served on the Board.

3. When voting for Insurance Commissioner, shouldn’t you look for someone with a sound and successful business background?

Wes Bannister managed one of the largest specialized insurance operations for one of the major insurance carriers in the State for seven years.  That program had a record of success for each of the seven years.  Even when the insurance market "quivered" in 1967, that program continued to grow and flourish for the benefit of its clients, the insured.

Since 1974, Wes has owned and managed a successful insurance brokerage.  In that capacity, he has developed insurance programs for clients by working for them in the insurance marketplace.  But, also, he has managed the financial decisions and responsibilities of that firm for those 20 plus years.

4. As a voter, would you not want for an Insurance Commissioner with successful experience in working with governmental institutions in an elected or appointed capacity?

During the past 15 years, Wes has served as an elected official, subject to the scrutiny and approval of the public.  In four of those years, he served as a city council member and mayor of the 11th largest City in California.  In the past 11 years, he has served as a member of a 10-member board of directors of one of the largest special districts in the United States.   He has been elected and reelected to that position three times by the voters.

Wes currently also serves as an appointed member of the Board of Directors of the largest water agency in the world.  This past year just ended Wes’s term as Chairman of the Audit/Budget and Finance Committee of that organization with its two billion dollar budget.

5. Considering the past 12 years, wouldn’t you now vote for someone with all of the attributes in numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 above, but equally important, someone who wants to be in the office because he/she wants to be Insurance Commissioner?  And, wouldn’t you look for someone who wants to do the job of Insurance Commissioner and not just to make headlines.  Especially someone not looking for the office as a "stepping stone" to higher office?

Until 1990, the Insurance Commissioner's office was selected (appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate) for the office because of their ability.  In the multi decade history of that period, few if any of those appointments had political ambitions.  They were selected because of their knowledge and reputation in handling insurance situations.

In 1990, the Insurance Commissioner's position became an elected office.  Since that year, we have seen the position dominated by highly visible and highly ambitions politicians.  Each has run for the office of Insurance Commissioner to position themselves for higher office.  More important, they have used political, "spin doctors" as Department employees, rather than knowledgeable insurance people, to create name identification for themselves, at the cost to the consumers and citizens of this State.  This political activity has resulted in thousands of citizens losing their retirement savings (Executive Life) and one of the Insurance Commissioners resigning and leaving the State to avoid prosecution for misuse of public funds.

Vote for Wes Bannister for Insurance Commissioner

Betty Presley, Treasurer
30151 Tomas Street
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

(For contributions, State law requires your occupation and
employer’s  name and address)

Bannister for Insurance Commissioner Committee,
Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva and former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Baugh, Co-Chairpersons

Stephan “Watchdog” Stitch

Coming soon!

Five good reasons to vote for Bill Winslow

1)    Bill Winslow is the only candidate with 25 years of career experience solving problems within the real world of insurance. His wide experience is invaluable in knowing how insurance should work and where improvements are needed, and in having the ability to do what is necessary.

2)    Bill Winslow is dedicated to protecting consumers and that is fundamentally what the job is about consumer protection.

3)    Bill Winslow is committed to ending territorial rating of auto insurance with the full implementation of Proposition 103. When candidates running for Insurance Commissioner say that they want to protect consumers, but they don't talk about territorial rating or the conflicting interest of it, consumers are not given a clear policy choice. Bill Winslow is willing to "take the heat" from those who would have to give up the benefits of favorable "zip code" rating in order to end the injustice of this practice

4)    Bill Winslow has a clear program for seeking more affordable earthquake insurance policies. He is committed to protecting property and business owners' investments as well as averting economic disaster from a sizable quake.

5)    Bill Winslow is taking a position of advocacy on the critical loss control issue posed by hand-held cell phone use while driving. As a matter of consumer protection, he wants to focus attention on this primary cause of distraction for drivers.

Seven good reasons to vote for Dale F. Ogden

  1. My foremost goal as Insurance Commissioner would be: "Do no harm!" Most, if not all, economic regulation is counterproductive and wasteful, at best. Government involvement usually makes things worse (as have the last several commissioners). I would not. Based on the proposals already put forth by the other candidates, they will make things worse. The other candidates already are planning to make serious and wasteful mistakes: proposing solutions to problems that already have been tried and failed (or made the situation worse) in other states; ignoring solutions that have worked in other states; or proposing solutions to problems that do not exist. Yet they all ignore serious problems that do exist, like the waste of resources and the abysmal performance of the Conservation and Liquidation Office (see item 5 below). I am the only one who can avoid those mistakes and fix the real problems.
  1. No other candidate for Insurance Commissioner has the; comprehensive and diversified knowledge of insurance laws and insurance regulation in California (and in other states) and of all aspects of the insurance business that I do. My experience with insurance regulation and insurance regulators in most of the fifty states has allowed me to see what works and what doesn't work. I've seen where insurance commissioners waste resources with no benefits for policyholders or taxpayers (instead, usually harming both). I've seen the problems caused by excessive zeal and intentional abuse by insurance commissioners in California and in other states. I would not make those mistakes. No one else running for Commissioner has that experience.
  1. I am the only candidate who proposes decreasing the budget of the insurance department (which has grown from $28 million in1988 to $150 million, growth of about 15% per year) by eliminating administrative bloat and saving taxpayers at least $100 million, allowing that money to be used for other purposes, like avoiding budget cuts in public libraries (recently proposed by Governor Davis).
  1. No other candidate has a clue about insurance accounting and solvency regulation, yet the original reason for insurance regulation was to identify financially- troubled insurance companies and to minimize the cost of insolvent insurers to the public. I have an unparalleled record of identifying financially troubled insurance companies (without the vast resources available to an insurance commissioner) and would use my knowledge and abilities (and those of my staff) to prevent multi-billion dollar insolvencies from adversely affecting California to the extent they have under previous Commissioners. The cost of insurance company failures is borne by the public through surcharges (merely a "tax" with a different name) in their insurance rates. The California Insurance Guaranty Association that collects and disburses these surcharges (to pay the claims of failed insurance companies) has been forced to establish a line of credit to borrow money to pay for several serious lapses in insurance solvency regulation. They have pledged the proceeds of future surcharges to repay those loans. Even if there are no other significant failures (and there always will be), those surcharges will continue for at least a decade. In a competitive market, there will always be insurance company failures; I will prevent those insolvencies from becoming catastrophic.
  1. The rehabilitation and liquidation of financially impaired insurance companies is a major responsibility of the insurance commissioner (although not very visible to the public), yet the California State Auditor has noted that the Conservation and Liquidation Office does not adequately safeguard and conserve insurance companies' assets and that Commissioners have not adequately overseen the operations of the CLO. These same criticisms were made by the State Auditor in at least three examinations but still have not been addressed by any of the last several Commissioners. The stupidity and; negligence of past Commissioners has cost the policyholders of this state several billions of dollars. I have personally managed and directed the rehabilitations and liquidations of several insurance companies without any cost to policyholders or taxpayers. I cannot promise that there will never be any cost from an insurance company failure; however, I can clean up the CLO and reduce those costs to an absolute minimum. No one else running for Insurance Commissioner even seems to be aware of this issue and even if they are, no one has any meaningful experience to help them figure out what needs to be done.
  1. Milliman & Robertson, an internationally-renown actuarial firm, recently reported to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that "...the political uncertainty imposed on the auto insurance rate approval system by Proposition 103 cost California auto insurance policyholders between $8.6 billion and $13 billion in potential premium reductions that insurers were reluctant to make in the last decade." Under Commissioner Ogden, the rate approval process will be efficient, fair, and apolitical. I will not waste resources on excessive rate regulation.
  1. After serving as Insurance Commissioner, I have no further political aspirations.

Five good reasons to vote for Gary Mendoza

I have the strongest record of protecting the interests of California consumers of any candidate in this race, Republican or Democrat.  As California's Commissioner of Corporations, I successfully fought for the creation of two health care charities with over $3 billion in assets, strengthened patients' rights when dealing with their HMOs and increased the ability of small businesses to raise the capital they need to grow and create jobs.  I helped investors recover an additional $100 million of their money lost during the Prudential partnership scandal.  As Deputy Mayor for Los Angeles, I helped rebuild the city's economy by improving the city's tax climate and cutting regulations.

I believe that respect for the free market, coupled with focused, effective regulation, is the best way to protect the interests of California consumers.  That's what I'm committed to bringing to the office of Insurance Commissioner.

Five good reasons to vote for
Assemblyman Thomas M. Calderon

1.   Tom Calderon's voting record reflects his commitment to putting consumers first:

              -100% AFL-CIO (organized labor)
              -100% Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
              -100% Congress of California Seniors
              -100% CA League of Conservation Voters
              -100% Californians for Pride and Equality

  1. Tom Calderon is the current Chair of the Assembly Insurance Committee and is the most experienced candidate on dealing with issues that affect Californians right now.

  2. Tom Calderon's extensive endorsement list (attached) represents that he has earned the trust and confidence of numerous elected officials, labor unions and Latinos throughout California.

    He was one of the four Assemblymembers who led the investigation into former Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush's corrupt activities within the Department of Insurance.

  4. Protecting consumers and their investment will be Tom Calderon's Top
    Priority as Insurance Commissioner:

List of supporters (Updated 1/14/01)

Elected Officials

Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante
President Pro Tem of the Senate John Burton
Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg
Former Speaker Willie Brown, Mayor, San Francisco
Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker Emeritus
Congressman Joe Baca
Senator Richard Alarcon, San Fernando Valley
Senator Betty Karnette, Long Beach
Senator Steve Peace, San Diego
Senator Richard Polanco, Los Angeles
Senator Nell Soto, Pomona
Senator Edward Vincent, Los Angeles
Senator Don Perata, Alameda
Assemblymember Elaine Alquist, Santa Clara
Assemblymember Joseph Canciamilla, Pittsburg
Assemblymember Tony Cardenas, Sylmar
Assemblymember Dennis Cardoza, Merced
Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles
Assemblymember Wilma Chan, Alameda
Assemblymember Edward Chavez, La Puente
Assemblymember Judy Chu, Monterey Park
Assemblymember Rebecca Cohn, Saratoga
Assemblymember Ellen Corbett, San Leandro
Assemblymember Manny Diaz, San Jose
Assemblymember John Dutra, Fremont
Assemblymember Marco Firebaugh, Cudahy
Assemblymember Dean Florez, Shafter

Assemblymember Dario Frommer, Glendale
Assemblymember Sally Havice, Bellflower
Assemblymember Jerome Horton, Inglewood
Assemblymember Fred Keeley, Boulder Creek
Assemblymember Christine Kehoe, San Diego
Assemblymember Paul Koretz, West Hollywood
Assemblymember Carol Liu, La Canada Flintridge
Assemblymember John Longville, Rialto
Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal, Long Beach
Assemblymember George Nakano, Torrance
Assemblymember Joe Nation, San Rafael
Assemblymember Gloria Negrete McLeod, Chino
Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza, Long Beach
Assemblymember Lou Papan, Millbrae
Assemblymember Sarah Reyes, Fresno
Assemblymember Simon Salinas, Salinas
Assemblymember Kevin Shelley, San Francisco
Assemblymember Joe Simitian, Palo Alto
Assemblymember Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento
Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin, Duncans Mills
Assemblymember Helen Thomson, Davis
Assemblymember Juan Vargas, San Diego
Assemblymember Carl Washington, Compton
Assemblymember Herb Wesson, Culver City
Assemblymember Rod Wright, South Central Los Angeles
John Chiang, Board of Equalization District 4
Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff, Los Angeles County
Bob Cruz, Supervisor, San Benito County District #5
Pete Parra, Supervisor, Kern County
Juan Arambula, Supervisor, Fresno County
Blanca Alvarado, Supervisor, Santa Clara County
Laura Chick, Controller, City of Los Angeles
Rick Auerbach, Assessor, Los Angeles County
Alex Padilla, President, Los Angeles City Council
John M. Olivares, Mayor, City of Arvin
Raul Moriel, Mayor, City of South Gate
Gordon Stefenhagen, Mayor, City of Norwalk
Raul Moriel, Mayor, City of South Gate
Louie Gonzalez, Mayor, City of Santa Fe Springs
Victor Carrillo, Mayor, City of Calexico
Cindy Montanez, Mayor, City of San Fernando
Victor Lopez, Mayor, City of Orange Cove
Richard Ortiz, Mayor, City of Soledad
Thomas Payan, Mayor, City of Dinuba
Daniel R. Arguello, Mayor, City of Alhambra
Art Olmos, Mayor, City of South El Monte
Dr. Manuel M. Lopez, Mayor, City of Oxnard
Ron Gonzales, Mayor, City of San Jose
Sylvia V. Chavez, Mayor, City of Huron
Diane J. Martinez, Mayor, City of Paramount
Judith Valles, Mayor, City of San Bernadino
Albert Perez, Councilmember, City of South El Monte
Frank R. Martinez, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Orange Cove
Richard De Le Rosa, Councilmember, City of Colton
Evaristo Barajas, Councilmember, City of Fillmore
John Zaragoza, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Oxnard
Arturo Reyes, Councilmember, City of Lynwood
Joe Esquivel, President, CCCA - Lakewood Council
Anthony Martinez, Councilmember, City of Delano
Gus Velasco, Councilmember, City of Santa Fe Springs
Esther R. Estrada, Councilmember, City of San Bernardino
Leonard Vasquez, Councilmember, City of Calipatria
Charles S. Morales, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Gilroy
E.A. "Pete" Ramirez, Mayor, City of Pico Rivera
Lara Larramendi Blakely, Mayor, City of Monrovia
Kathy Salazar, Councilmember, City of Montebello
Matt Jimenez, Councilmember, City of Hayward
Richard Ramos, Councilmember, City of San Fernando
Salvador Franco, Councilmember, City of Bell Gardens
Daniel D. Juarez, City Clerk, City of Hawthorne
Rosemary M. Ramirez, Councilmember, City of Irwindale
Ernie G. Gutierrez, Councilmember, City of El Monte
Meline D. Hall, Councilmember, City of Covina
Hector De La Torre, Councilmember, City of South Gate
Thomas Ramon Martin, Councilmember, City of Maywood
Gilbert R Flores, Councilmember, City of Delano
Manuel R. Garcia, Councilmember, City of Irwindale
Armando F. Flores, Vice Mayor, City of Rohnert Park
Joe Suarez, Councilmember, City of San Bernadino
Henry G. Gonzales, Councilmember, City of South Gate
George Luna, Councilmember, City of Atascadero
Louis R. Perez, Councilmember, City of La Puente
Carlos A. Garcia, Councilmember, City of Pico Rivera
Robert Rodriguez, Councilmember, City of LaVerne
Art Madrid, Mayor, City of La Mesa
Ric Loya, Mayor City of Huntington Park
Ray C. Luna, Mayor, City of Santa Paula
Cheri Kelley, Councilmember, City of Norwalk
Juan Romo, Councilmember, City of Cudahy
Ray "Gordy" Cisneros, Councilman, City of Commerce
Leonard Chaidez, Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens
Patricio S. Miranda, Councilmember, City of Irwindale
Mark A. Breceda, Mayor, City of Irwindale
Ralph Inzunza, Councilmember, City of San Diego
Maria Alegria, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Pinole
Teresa Cabrera, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Bell Gardens
Jessica Maes, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Huntington Park
Daniel Crespo, Councilmember, City of Bell Gardens
Ana Ventura Phares, Councilmember, City of Watsonville
M. Lily Trujillo, Treasurer, City of Livingston
Helen Ramos, Councilmember, City of Colton
Luis Lara, Councilmember, City of Maywood
Ralph Inzunza, Councilmember, City of San Diego
Efren Moreno, Councilmember, City of Alhambra
Gerardo Sandoval, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Esau Ruiz Herrera, President, California Latino School Board Association
Rachel Clark, Clerk, City of San Bernadino
Patricia Martinez-Roach, Board of Trustees, Eastside Union High School
Javier Gonzales, Board Member, Whittier City SD
Lillian Tofoya, Board Member, Bakersfield City SD
Richard Perez, Board Member, Livingston Unified School District (USD)
Vera Figueroa, Trustee, Delano High School
Jose Huizar, Board Member, Los Angeles USD
Gorgonio Sanchez, Board Member, Compton USD
Ralph Pacheco, Board Member, Whittier Union High SD
Yolanda Hernandez, President, San Ysidro School District
David Agosto, Board member, Southwestern College
Phil Plascencia, Board Member, Tulare City Elementary SD
Jesus R. Velazquez, Trustee, Alisal USD
Dick Jaquez, Board Member, Oxnard Union High School District
Raymond Baker, Board Member, Fresno USD
Paul Gomez, Trustee, Chaffey Community College District
Armida Trujillo, Board Member, Little Lake School District
Gloria Duran, Member, Los Nietos School Board
Juanita Duarte, Board Member, Coachella Valley USD
Robert Salas, President, Santa Paula Union High School District
Ray J. Rodriguez, Board Member, Newark USD
Terri Valladolid, Trustee, Southwestern Community College District
Dalila Banuelos, Board Member, Parlier USD
Dr. Arnulfo Cedillo, Board Member, Chabot Las Positas Community College District
Raul P. Salcido, Board Member, El Rancho USD
Cruz Rodriguez, Board Member, Wasco Union School District
Gary Mendez, Clerk, Rio Hondo Community College Board of Trustees
Francisco Dominguez, Trustee, Oxnard School Board
Robert Griego, President, Sweet Water Union High School District
Marco A. Dominguez, President, Baldwin Park Unified School District
Albert Robles, Vice President, Water Replenishment District of California
Placido L. Valdivia, Councilmember, City of Beaumont
Joe Alderete, Board Member, La Puente Valley County Water District
Teresa M. Garcia, President, Tulare City Elementary School Board
Robert Fuentes, Board Member, Bassett USD
Alex Morales, President, Whittier Union High School District Board of Trustees
Albert O. Amaya, President, Soledad USD
Carmen Lopez, Trustee, Earlimart Elementary School District
Bill Vallejos, President, Alhambra School Board
Manuel Nunez, Board Member, Fresno USD
Elvia F. Aguilar, Member, San Diego USD
Frank Rivas, Board Member, Baldwin Park Unified School District
Mary Loya, Trustee, Cerritos College
Oscar Payan, Vice President, Los Nietos School District
Edward S. (Steve) Negrete, Director, East Valley Water District
M. Susan Carrillo, President, Water Replenishment District of So CA
Bob Apodaca, President, Central Basin Water District
Gary Morse, Director, Central Basin Water District
Henry S. Barbarosa, Director, Three Valleys Municipal Water District

United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO
Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO
California State Firefighters' Association, Inc.
United Food and Commercial Workers States Council, AFL-CIO
California School Employees Association
State Association of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO
Los Angeles Police Protective League
California Conference of Machinists, AFL-CIO
California Teamsters, AFL-CIO
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1277
California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS)
United Domestic Workers of America, AFL-CIO
Communications Workers of America, Local 9400
San Bernardino/Riverside Central Labor Council
Montebello Teachers' Association
Laborers, Local 300
Laborers Local 1082
Alex Rooker, Communications Workers of America
John Perez, Vice President, United Teachers of Los Angeles
Day Higuchi, President, United Teachers of Los Angeles
Sonia Moseley, RNP

California Latino Legislative Caucus
California Young Democrats
Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE PAC)

Hispanic American Police Commanders Association (HAPCOA)
Bill Herreras, President, California Applicants’ Attorneys Association
California Association of Psychiatric Technicians
Louis Reyes, Director, Region 15, CA Democratic Party
Ronald Jones, Vice Chair 57th AD, CA Democratic Party
Sojourner Truth Democratic Club
FDR Democratic Club
David Lebow, President, Montebello Teachers' Association

(Partial List)

John Garamendi

Coming soon!

good reasons to vote for Tom Umberg

A. My first priority as Insurance Commissioner would be to restore integrity to the California Department of Insurance so California’s consumers can trust the office to act as a true advocate on insurance issues.

 B. As the father of three children in public schools, I know the importance of early childhood health care, nutrition and health education in ensuring the safety and well-being of our kids.  As Insurance Commissioner, I will work to expand access to health insurance, preventive health education and nutrition information for California’s children.

 C. Another priority as Insurance Commissioner would be implementing Proposition 103 in letter and spirit as passed by the voters of California in 1988, by restoring the integrity of the office and fighting for fair, equal and affordable insurance for every Californian who deserves it.

 D. As Insurance Commissioner, I intend to crack down on insurance companies that break the law by lowballing damage estimates, denying coverage to those who deserve it and delaying payments on claims, and engaging in fraud.

 E. I will use the Insurance Commissioner’s “bully pulpit” to help build support and action for issues affecting the lives and health of Californians, including prescription drug relief for senior citizens and lowering the number of Californians without health insurance.

Five good reasons to vote for David I. Sheidlower

To promote fair and socially just access to insurance I advocate the following:

1. Workers Compensation Insurance

This is an area where reform is long overdue.  Because of the huge amount of money involved in the Worker’s Compensation Insurance industry there are opportunities to work with these carriers to create, to paraphrase E.F. Schumacher, a workplace “as if people mattered”.  Specifically, efforts to comply with the American with Disabilities Act, efforts to create ergonomically appropriate workspaces and Worker’s Compensation interests must be brought together more concretely so that true gains can be realized in creating safe, healthy work environments for everyone.

2. Auto Insurance

Realistically, a California more dependent on mass transit than personally owned automobiles is a remote, far-in-the-future possibility.  Even in a world of zero-emission vehicles, people would need auto insurance.   And, since auto insurance is, appropriately, mandated by State law for anyone who drives, it is the responsibility of the State to see that such insurance is affordable for working people.  To this end, it is time to revive the effort to have no-fault auto insurance in California.  In addition, the office of Insurance Commissioner can perform cross-carrier studies to examine whether alternative fuel vehicles should be covered at lower rates.

3. Long Term Care Insurance

It is important that we become aggressive in educating the public about Long Term Care (LTC) insurance.  We should also be pro-actively examining the ways that Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is currently provided in places with more experience in it than we have.  Alberta, Canada has developed reimbursement strategies for LTCI that attempt to reward keeping residents as healthy as possible.

4.Health Insurance

The Republicans and Democrats are in denial about the need for Single Payer Health Care.  Medicare, MediCal and the health care provided our armed services ARE Single Payer health care systems.  I would support the continued move to Single Payer provision of universal health care.

In order to do this, we must move towards having Californians buy services rather than insurance when it comes to routine care and, perhaps, buy insurance to cover catastrophic problems.  For our working class, we must be sure that health care and worker’s compensation insurance companies are working together for the worker’s benefit.

5. Disaster Coverage

We need to cooperate with other states on a multi-regional approach to regional disaster coverage.  There may be legal obstacles to this.  If this proves to be the case, we need to at least provide for more public awareness of the scenarios in which the limits of earthquake and/or flood coverage would become disappointing if not devastating to homeowners.  In addition, we need to make sure that those that offer Earthquake insurance are taking into account the subsidy they will receive from the Federal government if an affected area is declared a disaster area and becomes eligible for Federal funds.

Five good reasons to vote for Dr. Raul Calderon, Jr.

Here are five reasons why people should consider voting for me for the office of California State Insurance Commissioner:

  1. My educational background, which includes 5 advanced degrees, has prepared me to think critically about important social issues.  Using this essential skill, I will be able to efficiently and effectively assess and evaluate if the overall insurance needs of California residents are being met by the insurance industry in a fair and equitable manner.
  2. My family and cultural background has enriched my understanding of what it means to belong to an underserved and minority population. Having been born in Mexico and raised in California in a low socioeconomic environment, I know first hand how difficult it is to adapt to a new culture.  This experience has sensitized me to the unique and special social needs of people of different ethnic/racial and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Based on the first two reasons, I feel committed to help improve the quality of life of the common person, of the people with the greatest needs.  I will work for the betterment of the people, not big corporations. I will work to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and dependable health, home, and car insurance. Moreover, I have not accepted any money, nor will I accept any money for my campaign from insurance companies.
  4. The political system in this country has been dominated by two major parties.  These two parties have had a strong hold on practically every political office in this state and nation.  It is common to see these two major parties fighting and blaming the other party for our current social and economic downfalls.  In essence, the practical outcome of all this bickering has led to a division amongst people.  I’m not interested in creating another division among people.  I’m interested in uniting people.  I’m interested in uniting people for the common good of all.  Nominating a third party candidate to this office would break this two party strong hold and send a message of encouragement to the people of California.  They would be assured that they have elected a candidate that will work to serve the people as opposed to having the people serve the candidate.
  1. Lastly, I believe it is important to have a motto.  One of my life mottos is to “Say what you mean and mean what you say”.  That is the least you can expect from me.

Thank you very much for your consideration.  I truly hope that you take the time to closely evaluate and decide on the kind of candidate you wish to fill the office of Insurance Commissioner.

Dr. Raul Calderon, Jr.

Steven Klein

Coming soon!

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Student Paula Kaylyn, Libertarian, Dale F. Ogden
Republican, Stephan “Watchdog” Stitch, Dale F. Ogden supporter, Colleen Ogden

Students and guests listen & learn.

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