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War Veterans...
Are you familiar with the lyrics of the song by Edwin Starr that says, "War (huh), what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again? Well, I don't agree with the sentiment expressed in the song. Countries and people have been liberated as a result of war. Tyrants dethroned. Conflicts and disputes resolved. Atrocities exterminated.

While we might not agree on the benefits of war, I'm sure we agree that the men and women who fought in these wars, violent outbreaks, revolutions and battles should be remembered for the sacrifices they made by giving their lives so others could have a better life. 

Send us your stories of war veterans who gave their lives, or veterans missing in action (MIA), or prisoners of war (POW) to us for publication. 


It seems that recently, all we hear about are news reports about police brutality and corruption. Unfortunately, these stories tend to spotlight the bad apples in the barrel. 

What about the thousands of policemen and women who dedicate their lives to protect and serve us? What about the risks and dangers they take to make the streets and communities a better place to live?

We salute you, men and women in Blue. We love and appreciate your efforts. If you have a story of uncommon valor, share it with our readers. 

In the Line of Duty
The most updated log of police officers killed in the line of duty

American Police Hall of Fame and Museum 
A beautiful and comprehensive memorial website which lists over 6,800 officers who were killed in the line of duty.

Officer Daryle Black
Long Beach Police Department
Long Beach, California

We salute you and the family of Officer Daryle Black, the first Long Beach Police Officer in 25 years to be fatally shot.

Playing with Fire...
They face death by fire everyday. They enter buildings that contain harmful and explosive chemicals.  They rescue thousands of strangers who otherwise would not be able to flee burning buildings. The respond to emergency calls for help for the ill and dying.

Firefighters and paramedics are dedicated to protecting property, persons and environment. Fighting fires takes a physical strength, energy, stamina and a deep love of mankind to combat nature's force. 

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
A beautifully designed website in memory of America's fallen fire heroes. 

Courageous Workers...
Federal and state laws are enacted to provide a safe and healthy workplace. But sometimes, the work that needs to be done is so dangerous that some workers lose their lives. These men and women put their lives in jeopardy each day they go to work.

These are the men and women who become disabled or die trying to maintain our streets and roads, provide the community with electricity, water, gas and build things to make life easier for us to live. Honor them by sending their stories to share with others.

Updated 07/30/2004


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