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There's no doubt about it, a close and loving network of family, friends and neighbors can provide us with true happiness and joy. But unfortunately, everyday we come into contact with STRANGERS that can steal the "joy of life" away from us. 

Rude people, inconsiderate motorists, customers, colleagues, and peers can ruffle our feathers. It occurs everywhere! Unfortunately, rude behavior is occurring more frequently and becoming a  way of life!

In response, has developed the Saint Program to get back to extending "basic common courtesies and greetings". 

We interviewed family, friends and coworkers to identify rude and inappropriate behaviors that need to be changed. Then we began compiling a list of appropriate actions. We have only scratched the surface. We need help with this Herculean task. Why not help us out by sending us your suggestions for our list.


Webster's Dictionary describes a "Saint" as a person of virtue, benevolence and action. You don't have to be perfect or a holy person, just a nice person who likes to say "thank you" and other things like that! If you are interested in getting back to extending common courtesies, why not join us by becoming a Saint. 

Once you become a Saint and start implementing simple actions, you'll receive a certificate and online recognition. 


Currently, we are in the process of developing specific actions by topics. Please come back. If you would like to be notified when the list is up, please send us an email. It would be our pleasure to notify you. Thanks for stopping by!

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